De Nederlandse Shogibond gebruikt de klokken van DGT (te weten de DGT 2010 SG). Een degelijke, goed ontwikkelde klok met byoyomi mogelijkheid van Hollandse bodem!

De klok is hier bij DGT te bestellen: http://www.dgtshop.nl/index.php/1/1/dgt-chess-clocks/dgt-2010-sg-detail


Meer over de klok van DGT:

In 2007 after 14 years we had to say goodbye to the DGT 2000 and welcome the DGT 2010. With 200.000 clocks sold the DGT 2000, the official clock of the world chess federation FIDE, was the most successful digital chess clock in the last decade. Now we can present an improved version, the second generation.

New in the DGT 2010SG

  • Permanent memory for manual settings.
  • Option 19 and 20 Now as FIDE requires.
  • Option 25 Bronstein (delay) now possible in more periods.
  • Option 30 includes automatic move counter for Canadian Byo Yomi.
  • Option 35 and 36 extra made for Scrabble

Numerous improvements since the DGT2000 have been implemented in the original DGT 2010:

  • Larger displays with more info in display
  • Much easier to program
  • Buzzer function
  • Canadian and Japanese byo-yomi
  • Only 2 batteries (now included in delivery)
  • New lever mechanism

The DGT 2010 is in full accordance with the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Laws of Chess.

You can use the DGT2010 for Chess, Scrabble® or to fight a battle in RISK™ and all kind of games.

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